Fulton County Courthouse

The Fulton County Courthouse in Johnstown, New York was built in 1772. By some estimates it is the 5th oldest active courthouse in the United States.

Built by Sir William Johnson, in what was pre-revolutionary Tryon County, it became the courthouse for Montgomery County after the new nation was formed. In the 1800s Fulton County split off from Montgomery County, and thus it became the Fulton County Courthouse.

One of its most prominent jurists was the Honorable Daniel Cady, the first Supreme Court Justice of Fulton County. Cady is today better known as the father of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. More recent judges in the courthouse include the now-retired Hon. Robert P. Best (I served as his law clerk), Richard T. Aulisi, and Fulton County Court Judge Richard C. Giardino.